Best STEM Toys for Toddlers in 2024

We found some great STEM toys for Toddlers! These toys focus on developing young learnerscounting, building, and creative skills. They make the perfect toy for kindergarten or home.

Best STEM Toys for Toddlers you can buy in 2024

1. Code & Go Mouse Set

The Code & Go Mouse Set is a four-year-old’s favourite STEM toy! Children learn problem-solving skills that help them think like a programmer.

Use the buttons on the top of the mouse to program the mouse to navigate the maze. With various challenge cards, you will never get bored with this toy.

2. Magnetic STEM Toy

With colourful shapes and easy-to-grip magnetic pieces, this STEM building toy is perfect for architects as young as 18. It also enhances matching, patterning, nesting, balancing, and stacking skills.

STEM learning toys for toddlers engage your child in self-play and encourage exploration of basic engineering, geometry, and 3D buildings through toddler magnetic toys.

3. ETI 100 Piece Engineering and Construction Kit

This incredible building kit will develop your child’s imagination and engineering skills! Designed for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds.

This ETI toy makeup set is a favourite of this age group. The pieces are large enough while still allowing fine motor skills to work.

4. National Geographic Marvel Run

The way the marbles run the track differs each time our toddler holds the piece in hand and makes up the highest and fastest run he’s ever seen.

Marvel Run is a simple concept, but it will be repeated repeatedly. Our toddlers love the cause, effect and problem-solving these STEM toys bring to their collectables.

5. Lovevery educational toy

Lovevery is an educational subscription that helps develop your child’s brain through step-based play. Experts design this kit for children.

You will receive a box of stimulating toys and activities every other month. These are made explicitly for brain development.

6. Baby Building blocks

Baby building blocks are classic large snap-on blocks with endless possibilities. Through trial and error, toddlers learn to visualize, manipulate, and build creative structures—an introductory engineering toy for toddlers that also develops fine motor skills and creativity.

There is a time and a place to follow the instructions, but it’s important to remember that this is not all. Please encourage your child to assemble their inventions to understand the power of creativity freely.

7. Gear 96-piece set

These colourful, rotating gears will work in tandem to develop your child’s fine motor skills. This 96-piece set has won 4 awards and can improve your early STEM skills.

8. Number train building set

Look at some math toys to type “M” into STEM! This is an excellent toy from LEGO DUPLO that teaches counting to ten.

It’s fun and educational and helps young children build trains in the correct order. It fits the M of STEM.

9. Skoolzy Nuts and Bolts

This bright and fun set improves fine motor skills and is also great for practising practical skills like screwing, twisting, and turning.

Watching how our children can learn functional movements and skills so quickly is fascinating. These nuts and bolts are suitable at home and on the go as they can be broken down into smaller sets.

10. Kidnocular

These are durable plastic binoculars designed for little ones! It has no focus, 2x magnification, and a neck strap. Your child will love looking at nature with these. Encourage birdwatching! Great learning opportunities await!

11. Flower Power Studio

This excellent and colourful design studio for little kids will appeal to girls. It has a power drill and a plate and bolt that can be made by design.

It encourages creativity and develops children’s hand-eye coordination, patterning, and problem-solving skills. If you are looking for STEM toys specifically for girls, you should buy this toy.

What to look for when buying STEM toys for Toddlers?

STEM toys for two-year-olds should not be complicated. Think wooden blocks, magnet blocks, and baby blocks. Fill your shelves with age-appropriate toys that expose you to basic STEM concepts and stimulate independence, innovation, and architecture.

Here are some tips to get the best STEM toys for toddlers.

Appropriate age

The first thing to remember is to be age-appropriate. Follow the age guidelines and recommendations set by the manufacturer. There are reasons not only for safety but also for development.

STEM toys for older children are not helpful and can discourage toddlers.

Open building

What makes wooden toy block sets special is that they offer endless possibilities. A key component of success is that there is no single way to build or play with it.

The open STEM building set develops inquiry, resourcefulness, reasoning, and logical thinking skills.

STEM building toys can be stacked, knocked down, lined up, or used for imaginative play. For example, a block could be a phone, and several blocks could be a bridge or road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are STEM toys?

STEM toys build the perfect foundation for future learning and education in the above areas. While playing with STEM toys, our toddlers develop problem-solving, thinking, reasoning, and experimentation skills.

This is an integral part of their growth and future core technologies. STEM toys will encourage and challenge our toddlers to be creative and think of different ways to use each toy.

Whether a science toy, an engineering toy, or a math toy, it impacts children’s thinking processes and their approach to problem-solving and creative thinking in everyday life. It is important not to overwhelm infants by providing toys beyond the recommended age.

What does STEM mean?

  • S: Science
  • T: Technology
  • E: Electronics
  • M: Math

STEM toys, also known as STEAM toys, include art on the list of essential skills. STREAM is a little less known about versions of these acronyms, which also includes reading as a learning equation.

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