Are Wooden Teething Rings Safe? Wood Teether Benefits

We highlight the characteristics of wooden teething rings for babies and children, highlight the features and benefits of baby wooden toys, and focus on the benefits that make them a preferred option for children.

Are Wooden Teething Rings Safe?

Wooden Baby teething rings are designed for babies to hold and chew, relieving the pain and discomfort experienced when teething for the first time occurs. Teething rings can also be used as sensory objects for your baby to play with.

Fortunately, with wooden teethers, you don’t have to worry about chemical additives that can adversely affect your child’s health. Unlike plastic toys, which may contain plasticizers, flame retardants, or surface-active substances, wooden teething toys are easy to play with and safe to put in your child’s mouth.

Benefits of Wood Teether Rings

1. Safe and durable

Wood is a natural material that is safe for babies, and Teether wood has been found to contain antibacterial properties! As parents, we are constantly worried about germs around our babies, so this aspect of a wooden teething ring is a huge plus!

Wooden toys are more durable, break much less often than plastic toys, and if accidents do occur, they tend to be easy to fix. When plastic toys break, they often leave behind sharp, jagged edges that are dangerous to babies and children.

The durability of these wooden gears extends their lifespan, resulting in less waste from disposable items. The durability factor of these wooden teethers brings us to our next benefit: sustainability.

2. Sensory experience

Wooden toys are soft, warm, and tactile, providing a sense of security and stimulating your baby’s sense of touch. Remember that babies in particular (but infants and children too) use all of their senses to experience toys. Therefore, it is really important that toys appeal to them and satisfy these senses in the best possible way. This is especially true when it comes to touch!

3. Sustainable

Most wooden baby teethers are made from beech wood. Beech trees are uniquely sustainable in that they can grow in renewable and managed forests. This means more trees can be grown to replace trees that are already used and cut down. That’s why we chose this amazing wooden teething ring as our best choice for soothing your baby’s gums.

4. Quality of play

Wooden toys are much better suited to open-ended imaginative play. The design is simpler and less ‘shaped’ as there is less interference from sound, light, etc.


Wooden baby teething rings are safer than plastic or silicone teething rings. All the benefits of standard teething rings plus antibacterial properties, plus they are manufactured without chemicals, giving you the peace of mind that they are safer, more durable, and more environmentally friendly.

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