Best Safest Convertible Car Seat with Crash Test Ratings in 2024

Safety is the most critical factor in road traffic. But it’s even more important to know that the smallest and most precious kids are seated in a car seat and have reliable protection. We compiled the best convertible car seats based on Crash Test Ratings from the world’s leading car magazines and clubs.

What is a convertible car seat?

A convertible car seat is a car seat that can accommodate children of different sizes and can be changed from a rear-facing heart to a front-facing heart.

The convertible seat starts rear-facing for babies and toddlers and turns forward as your child grows. Some convertibles even turn into booster seats for school-age children. Convertible car seats can take you from day one to preschool.

When do you need a convertible car seat?

One day, you will need a convertible car seat. It’s just a matter of when. Some parents have used convertible car seats from day one. Others use a baby car seat for the first time and switch to a convertible car seat when it reaches its maximum height or weight, usually around the first birthday.

This is because convertible car seats are less portable or lightweight than baby seats. Unlike child car seats installed directly on the base and convertible seats designed to be clicked and removed from the car for easy movement, convertible seats are installed directly into the vehicle using the vehicle’s LATCH system or seat belt.

The Latchh is an abbreviation for Lower Anchors and Tether for Children. It is a system designed to make installing a child’s car seat without wearing the vehicle’s seat belt easier and more accurate. The vehicle’s seat belt must be switched if the weight limit is exceeded.

If you opt for a convertible car seat from day one and your child will be riding in more than one vehicle frequently, we recommend purchasing a convertible seat for each car as these seats often take some time to install.

What are the Safest Convertible Car seats with Crash Test Ratings in 2024?

1. Maxi Cosi Plus

The list of best convertible car seats with crash test ratings starts with one of the few cars that received an excellent safety rating in 2019 by the Dutch association ANWB. The Maxi Cosi Plus is designed for heights up to 75 cm and weighs 22 lbs. As with the other models in group 0, place only for the movement and change to the next group of chairs as soon as the child’s head protrudes beyond the top edge.

The car seat has been praised for its comfort and ergonomics in reviews, and parents are delighted with the upholstery’s high-quality fabrics and adjustable seat belts with folding mechanisms. It is recommended to use in combination with the 2-Way Fix base, but it can be easily fixed in the usual way and equipped with anchor straps for maximum safety.

Now, you have three installation options for your seat. You are installing a car seat with a base with latches or a floor with seat belts or installing this one without a base with seat belts only.

Before you know it, these car seats are permanently installed facing the rear, and the heart must be level with the ground when placed in the vehicle.

This car seat also requires the handlebars to be upright every time they are mounted on the car seat, with or without a base.

A chair that is so good compared to other maxi-cosi! The case is a gorgeous and cozy insert for a toddler, and the strap is perfect. Attaching Isofix simply to the car belt is equally convenient.

  • Compliant with ECE 129 i-Size
  • With a high degree of protection
  • Comfortable seat belt
  • High-quality breathable upholstery
  • It can be installed on the chassis
  • Expensive BBase is not included in the package

2. Chicco NextFit Zip Maximum Safety Rating

Chicco NextFit Zip Max has the best crash test results from Consumer Reports. Both the car seat belt and the LATCH received very high marks for their ease of installation, and their ease of use was recognized.

The Chicco NextFit Zip Max is designed to make your child’s car seat experience safer and more comfortable. The rear-facing position provides up to 25% more legroom to sit comfortably with plenty of room to breathe/shake as your child grows. NextFit Zip Max has a 3D breathable air mesh back that absorbs moisture for added comfort.

It also features a 9-step ReclineSure leveling system that helps you install the car seat correctly at the right angle. The NextFit Zip Max has a SuperCinch fastener and LockSure belt closure system for faster, easier, and safer installation of LATCH and seat belts.

Child Car Seats (CSFTL) recommend the NextFit Zip Max for ease of use features and extended rear weight range. The NextFit Zip Max significantly exceeds the federal minimum safety guidelines set by FMVSS 213. These results rank highly for comfort, ease of installation, and more with vehicle seat belts and LATCH.

The combination of SuperCinch and LockSure sets this car seat apart from others. It also offers an extended rear weight range and 25% more legroom, making this model more popular than previous Chicco car seats.

The Chicco NextFit Zip Max is perfect for parents looking for a safe and reliable car seat that can be installed quickly and without hassle. If you have a budget and don’t mind the weight of a car seat, this car seat will be handy until your child switches to a belt position booster. I would also recommend this car seat for tall or long-legged children.

The NextFit Zip Max also features dual DuoGuard protection with a deep, hard shell and EPS energy-absorbing foam. It is constructed with a steel-reinforced frame for increased strength and stability.

  • More legroom in the rear-facing position
  • It scored high for safety and installation features
  • Very easy to install
  • Extended rear weighing range
  • Two layers of side impact protection
  • Quite expensive

3. Britax Boulevard ClickTight safety rating

The Boulevard ClickTight is one of Consumer Reports’ highest-rated convertible car seats. The rear and front receive high marks for installation features, overall ease of use, comfort, and quality.

The Boulevard ClickTight features two layers of side impact protection consisting of an energy-absorbing shell and foam-lined headrests.

It is equipped with a shock-absorbing base that compresses to reduce the impact force of a crash. The Boulevard ClickTight is designed with a shock-stabilized steel frame that provides superior strength at the point where the car seat connects to the vehicle.

Boulevard ClickTight revolutionizes installation with Britax’s innovative ClickTight installation system. You can easily install a car seat in 3 simple steps while pushing the limits of LATCH. It comes with a Quick-Adjust 14-position headrest that can be easily adjusted without refitting to ensure a comfortable fit as your child grows.

For safe installation, the Boulevard ClickTight has seven backrest angles and an automatic leveling indicator to help you install the car seat correctly at the proper angle. The Boulevard ClickTight features plush foam padding and high-quality, easily removed, machine-washable fabrics for added comfort.

Boulevard ClickTight is best for parents who have trouble installing car seats. It eliminates the hassle of LATCH installation and provides a safe way to install the car seat correctly. Easy to use, clean, and has a 10-year lifespan, you can use it most of the time your child uses the car seat.

  • Easy to use ClickTight installation system
  • It has two layers of side impact protection
  • No need to refit to adjust the harness
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • High value

4. UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat

The UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat is well worth it. The model received excellent ratings in six crash tests (ADAC, ANWB, OAMTC, Autoliitto, and TCS in 2016). The streamlined egg-shaped chair, soft shoulder pads on the built-in seat belt, and additional inserts for your baby increase your baby’s safety, making the trip more calm and comfortable. HTS production.

With the convertible UPPAbaby MESA Crash Test Ratings-based car seat, you can insert for newborns, including infants weighing 4 to 8 pounds. Upper Baby Mesa car seats weigh between 4 and 35 pounds and have a high capacity of 32 inches. This vehicle is compatible with Upper Baby Vista and Cruise Troller.

In terms of aesthetic function, Mesa has several characteristics. Again, there is no thread harness. Just pull the tab at the top. Depending on the child’s size, the headrest moves up and down until it locks. Made of breathable fabric, it absorbs moisture quickly and is easy to wash.

The Mesa is available in three colors: blue, black, and grey, with a fourth color being white-grey, available only on special orders. The side pockets for the buckles make it easy to put your baby in and out. Finally, a button on the top of the carrying handle makes it easy to get out of the stroller with one hand. Mesa has several notable safety features.

Side impact protection is integrated into the headrest and reinforced with EPP foam. There are up to 25 expandable hideout camps. The fabric is marina wool, making it the first car seat to pass federal safety standards without adding flame-retardant panels. Babies guarantee a 10-second install, so let’s look at how to install both bases.

There are indicators on either side of the base to ensure that the car seat is level with the car. Use the feet on the side of the floor to adjust the story, and the light will change from red to green when you go. Option 1 is a latch system in the car base.

There are two orange buttons on either side to release the auto-retract latches. Pull each one down and click on the lower anchor. Press the BBase down until the indicator changes from red to green. This shows that the base is firm enough. You may need to shake it slightly from side to side.

Ensure the BBase does not move more than 1 inch and check the installation. Option 2 is the sea felt unlock system. Open the light blue and unlock the door. Thread the seat belt into the BBase, make sure the belt fits under the blue ears, then press the BBase down.

While pulling the seat belt tight. When the tightness indicator changes from red to green, you can insert the upper part of the belt into the belt path and close the unlocked door above the seat belt again. Ensure the BBase does not move more than 1 inch and check the installation.

Put your kids in a car seat. The harness must be above or below the baby’s shoulders. Adjust the headrest height appropriately with the tabs on the top. Buckle the car seat between the lakes and pull the black through the straps on the bottom of the heart. The crotch buffer position can be adjusted in size as your baby grows.

Buckle the chest clip at the armpit level. Double-check the tight harness using a pinch test on your baby’s shoulder. It should not be pinched loosely. Your fingers should slide right off the strap.

Next, click on the car seat to attach it to the base and ensure it fits snugly and is ready to use. Overall, the upper Baby Mesa is a sleek, sturdy option to keep your baby safe. The car seat is light and small—nice, lovely fabric. The child sat comfortably. Ideal for babies from birth to 6 months.

  • An anatomical pillow can be used from birth
  • 5-point inner belt
  • Sun and wind awning removable cover
  • The soft pads of the belt are combined with inserts for newborns

5. Britax Marathon Clicktight Safety Rating

The Britax Marathon ClickTight is highly rated by Consumer Reports for its outstanding crash test results and received high marks for ease of installation in both rear and front positions.

Wirecutter named the Marathon ClickTight a top pick for the safest convertible car seat due to its ease of installation features, side crash test results, ease of use, and extended rear weight range.

Marathon ClickTight scored high but below average in Baby Gear Lab’s crash test results. Compared to competitors, it scored below average in meeting minimum federal guidelines for car seat safety. However, due to the crash test, the vehicle seat belt and LATCH showed high scores regarding ease of installation, ease of use, and comfort.

Britax Marathon ClickTight is designed with side impact protection consisting of a deep foam-lined energy-absorbing shell. Side impact protection includes SafeCell impact protection with a shock-absorbing base, a shock-stabilized steel frame, and a patented V-tether.

The shock-absorbing BBase is compressed to reduce the impact force of the impact. The shock-stabilized steel frame provides superior strength when the car seat attaches to the vehicle.

Marathon ClickTight features Britax’s innovative ClickTight installation system that makes installation faster and easier while providing a safe alternative to the limitations of LATCH. The ClickTight system lets you install a car seat in three simple steps.

The Marathon ClickTight has a Quick-Adjust 14-position harness that can be easily adjusted to provide a more comfortable fit as your child grows. It also comes with seven backrest angles and an automatic leveling levellingr to ensure the car seat is installed correctly at the correct angle.

The Marathon ClickTight features plush and foam padding for added comfort, making it easy to remove and machine washable. The Marathon ClickTight is a high-grade car seat ideal for parents looking for a high-quality, safe, easy-to-use car seat.

The ClickTight system increases ease of installation, is built with plush padding for maximum child comfort, and is durable and reliable with a 10-year lifespan. This cassette is highly recommended as an easy-to-use and safe convertible car seat.

  • Installation is very easy
  • Extended rear weight range
  • No need to refit to adjust the harness
  • Has a lifespan of 10 years
  • The LATCH strap adjuster is a bit tricky to use

6. Graco Extend2Fit

The Graco Extend2Fit had the highest results in the group, with combined head and chest sensor results that outperformed the competition in crash test analysis. This Graco also had excellent results for LATCH installations.

Studies have shown that many real-world injuries are related to installation-related errors, which can be interpreted as better safety. These combined results mean that Extend2Fit could offer an additional margin of protection over its competitors in this review.

This information makes an excellent choice for those seeking the highest safety indicators. The Extend2Fit can also hold rearward for longer, up to 50 lbs, than most competitors, creating a great combination of features that translates into a potentially safer riding experience.

The Graco Extend2Fit didn’t offer the best quality compared to the competition. It lacks the same level of comfort its competitors provide in its class. However, the Graco Extend2Fit is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best crash test results and who values the potential safety of their rear seats.

  • Best crash test results
  • Facing the rear longer
  • Reasonable price
  • Average quality

7. Britax Emblem

The Britax Emblem is a high-quality convertible with easy-to-use, non-stitching shoulder strap adjustment, push-button LATCH, better comfort padding, and fabric. This option provides impressive crash test results indicating a higher potential safety margin.

It’s also easier to use than most competing products. The Emblem’s overall look and feel are superior to the competition, and its self-contained design makes it easy to clean and sharp. Unlike the popular ClickTight model, the Britax Emblem has a manual LATCH strap.

This design means more effort is required to install compared to the comparison. However, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker unless there are restrictions that prevent strap pulling. We believe the Emblem is an impressive contender with better crash test results at an affordable price that includes easy-to-use features and a nice look and feel.

  • Compliant with ECE 129 i-Size
  • With a high degree of protection
  • Comfortable seat belt
  • High-quality breathable upholstery
  • It can be installed on the chassis
  • Expensive BBase is not included in the package

8. Evenflo Tribute LX

The Evenflo Tribute LX isn’t very high in the competition, so it’s a dark horse compared to the usual choice for the best value. This convertible option has the second-best combined crash test results in the competition tested for this review and is one of the cheapest.

This combination is a competitor worthy of being used by anyone on the tightest budget or potentially as an auxiliary or travel seat. Evenflo is one of the most excellent buckles I’ve seen in my tests, with a much lower price than other competitors, a machine washable cover, an easy-to-use car belt route, and more.

These seats are also super lightweight at around 9 lbs and are only 17 inches, so you should consider carrying them around regularly or having multiple safety seats fitted in a row.

While this option may not meet the needs of every family, its low qitsty and lack of comfort make it a great opportunity for the price, and I believe it’s an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget who still cravstillecravessh test results.

Also, more care is needed with the installation during testing to ensure it’s safe from experience. For us, I think it’s right to respect a seat that offers an extra safety margin to suit almost any budget.

  • Super low price
  • Better crash test results
  • Narrow width
  • Low quality

9. Cybex Aton 2 SensorSafe

Affordable car seat. This chair boasts an advanced side protection system, an integrated XXL canopy, and a comfortable headrest height adjustment system. Anatomical inserts allow the baby to be in an almost horizontal position.

The 2017 Aton M i-Size was tested with Isofix Base M i-Size and was rated excellent by ADAC and ANWB and highly recommended by TCS, which is an excellent result. Designed for children 45-87 cm tall. weight 8 pounds

I liked this cradle more than the other cradles in terms of design. One visor is worth it! The child is comfortable and cozy. Well, regarding safety, the Aton M i-Size is one of the best!

  • Eye size certification
  • Anatomical insert
  • Center belt tensioner
  • It can be used on aeroplanes
  • The BBase is not included in the kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Which convertible car seat is the safest?

The safest place for your child’s car seat is in the back seat without active airbags. If a car seat is installed in the front seat and the airbag is inflated, it may hit the back of the rear car seat with a child’s head, resulting in severe or fatal injury.

Are all car seats crash-tested?

The car seat has not been performance tested in a side impact crash test. However, in 2002, NHTSA analyzed the performance of two car seats, one convertible and one rear-facing infant seat, in a side impact test on eight vehicles to see if side impact data could be successfully obtained.

Should the car seat be behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat?

The car seat must be permanently installed in the rear seat. It is the safest place for your baby. If possible, place the car seat in the center secentre not, the back of the driver’s or passenger’s seat is fine.

Are Graco safe car seats?

All Graco car seats meet or exceed US Federal Automotive Safety Standard 213. However, Graco goes beyond your requirements and provides additional safety tests and features to give you peace of mind.

How to install and use car seats?

So, let’s talk about how to use the BBase first before placing the BBase to install a clasp or seat belt. The BBase car seats are equipped with load legs designed to extend from the bottom of the BBase to the floor of your car.

This additional safety bonus is designed to absorb shock during a crash. You’ll want to remove it before it runs out of BBase for an install and adjust it along the way.

Centre the rear position of the seat with a latch bar or seat belt as required when placing the BBase on the vehicle. Once established, you may need to adjust the slope to parallel the ground.

Here’s a handy angle level indicator to help you double-check.

If you need to move up or down, press the base recline handle on the back of the base to raise or lower it,and then go to that green.

If you’ve pulled out the load legs, you’ll be happy to know the different leg positions, and this is where you can start making adjustments when you seat yourself.

After securing the latches or seat belts for the BBase, rotate the load leg fully forward, press the button on the portion, pull it down until it touches the vehicle’s floor, and then release it. The front of the base can be lifted to lock it in place while keeping the load legs in place.

Now, let’s get to the details of the installation. First, I will show you how to install it with the BBase Latch or UAS.

Now Latch stands for Lower Anchor, Tethers stands for Kids, and UAS stands for Universal Anchorage System.

Use latches or UASs instead of vehicle dip belts. Check your vehicle manual to find out which seat positions are equippeLatch.

Remove the Latch from the storage position on the BBase by pressing the red release button on each connector and then pulling the connector out of the hole.

Once the BBase is positioned correctly, press the adjust button to release the latch belt and attach it to the vehicle’s latch palm on either side of the BBase.

You should hear a click and release the free end of the clasp strap through the belt path hole. Hold the BBase firmly and pull the strap up to tighten.

Shake the BBase in the belt path to check the tightness; it should not move more than 1 inch. If you’re using the load legs, it’s time to move them forward and put them in place. All you have to do at this point is add the baby to the seat.

Now,let’s see how to use a seat belt instead of a clasp. A waist, knee, and shoulder belt can be used with or without a base, but a bay roll installed with a seat belt must not loosen after tightening, so a way to block the vehicle is required.

Belt. This manual describes three ways to ensure the seat belt is tightened—first, the preferred method is self-locking.

The Mico Max plus car seat base allows us to use it. On the side of the BBase, you can find a self-locking mechanism but no vehicle bubble.

Only the shoulder part of the belt slides into the self-locking mechanismmechanism back until you are no longer hurting. How to install the BBase with the car seat belt reminder is as follows. It is not necessary to use both latches and seat belts during installation. At this point, slide the clasp strap to retain the clasp strap and attach the connector to the attachment on the BBase.

Tighten gently to remove slack from here.

Once the car seat base has been appropriately positioned, route the car seat belt through the car seat base belt path and buckle it.

Press firmly against the vehicle seat back while tightening the shoulder or flat belt’s free end. Use a self-locking retractor or latch plate to make sure the belt is locked there.

You will want to double-check your belt tightness by rocking the base on the belt pass and ensuring there is no less than an inch of movement.

How do your instaldo youa car seat without using a base?

Assbaseyou have checked your vehicle manual to make sure your vehicle is equipped with a retractor or lockable car seat belt. If a latch plate is used, secure the child to the car seat without a base and install the car seat facing the vehicle’s rear.

Then, check the horizontal line on the side of the car seat to make sure it is parallel to the ground and adjust as necessary.

Now, grab the seat belt, hold it through the belt path on either side of the car seat, and tighten the buckle.

Next, you’ll tighten everything by placing your forearms across your childhood tensions on the belt path and pulling the shoulder belt for the free end of the Lat belt in time.

You can check the tightness by pulling the center of the seat left and right to check for less than an inch of wobble. Recheck the level line and ensure it is parallel to the ground.

Now, if the seat is not level, it may need reinstalling. Alternatively, you can place a tightly wrapped towel or foam paste noodle under the front of the baby chain so that the horizontal line is parallel to the ground. And you have it.

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