Cybex Sirona S Review 2024: The Best Rotating Convertible Car Seat

Cybex baby car seats come with a range of car seats for babies. Here, we will review the Cybex Sirona S with SensorSafe, a convertible car seat with 360° rotating, Forward-Facing, and Rear-Facing.

Cybex offers many options, and the Sirona S is one of the accessible installation car seats with a SensorSafe chest clip and instant safety alert features.

Cybex Sirona S Review 2024

If keeping your kid safe while driving is your main concern, the Cybex Sirona S baby car seat is here. This infant car seat comes with a cushioned head and body support. Not only is it safe, but it also brings comfort to your bundle of joy.

The one-time installation makes it easy to secure the vehicle’s seat. And the padded head support insert keeps your newborn comfortable on long drives. This is it if you want a safe and comfortable child car seat.

New Cybex Sirona S crash test

The Cybex Sirona S performed better than average for crash test results. It delivered an impressive performance for head sensor result (HIC) scores but less excellent results for chest clips than the competition. Like all other seats sold in the United States, it has a basic level of protection and meets federal standards for car seat safety.

Cybex Sirona S crash test

The chest sensor result on the Sirona S is 50, with a maximum acceptable result of 60. Lower results are better. The group’s lowest and, therefore, the best result is 33 for Clek Foonf.

The Sirona S head sensor (HIC) result is 231, with 1000 being the best in the group, well below the maximum acceptable value. Britax Allegiance has the best results for this metric, with 186.

The load leg of the Sirona S has a color change indicator, while the load portion has a color change indicator.

Additionally, this Cybex Sirona features side impact protection, anti-bounce protection, and rod legs to help absorb the impact in the event of a crash. How well this works is anyone’s guess, and crash tests on seat types have shown that road legs help some seats and not others.

Comfortable with a good quality

The Sirona S gets top marks for comfort and quality in this review. These seats are also one of the most expensive options. This Cybex uses EPP foam for shock absorption. This type of foam is brittle and a bit more environmentally friendly.

Convertible car seat

The Cybex padding is superior to the competition and provides firm, supportive comfort. The fabric feels softer and friendlier than other convertible seats we’ve reviewed. It has a very dense weave that wears well over time and helps clean up messes more easily.

The foam fits the frame nicely, and the fabric looks tailored without being harsh. The shell is enclosed so you can manage it more neatly, giving a smooth and high-quality feeling. The seat bottom is not soft, and the protrusions are rounded to help protect the vehicle seat.


The Sirona S LATCH installation differs from most competitors in that it still requires a belt locking system that works with the vehicle’s belt installation. Most seats do not use a belt lock for LATCH anchor installation.

Cybex Sirona S SensorSafe review

Sirona’s LATCH connector features a push button and a pull button. The belt passage is accessible from under the compartment door. It’s easy.

The LATCHEs are unlike anything else, with large push buttons and the odd red pull strap. It’s not difficult to use, but I’m unsure if the changes make it better than the average LATCH.

However, in theory, this seat only needs to be installed once. The oddity of the LATCH anchor may not be a big deal, as the hub rotates on the base when ready to move into a forward-facing position.


Sirona belt installation is not as simple as the non-impact LATCH method. Cybex has a removable cover on the belt path. This is useful because the car seat is held out of the way while belting when the body is off. The seat rotates to access the belt path, which is better than needing threads behind the seat padding.

New Cybex 360° rotating seat

The belt unlock compartment is easy to open and slides into place easily. However, I still had to tighten the strap to make it feel secure before sliding the belt tensioner into place. So, while the straps are excellent and essential to installing seatbelts, this wasn’t as effective at keeping the straps as tight as the competition.

Seat cover

The cover of Cybex Sirona S SensorSafe is removable and machine washable in cold water. Removing and replacing it after air drying is easy, but a tool may help put the edges back together.


4 years old Car seat review

The Sirona seat belt is a non-re-adjustable height adjustment device that moves with the headrest and can be performed while the baby is seated. There are nine shoulder strap positions and three crotch strap positions.

The assembly moves pretty smoothly, but it’s a bit more complex than some of the competition, as the handle is somewhat hidden, and you have to pull the headrest up before moving it.

Adjustable angle

Rear-Facing and Forward-Facing car seat

The angle of the Sirona S can be adjusted after seat installation. Sirona S’ level is easy to use and works well. Angle adjustment is possible after installing the Sirona, which is rare for a convertible seat. There is a working metal ball level indicator on the base.

Chest clip

The Sirona S’s chest clip is more challenging than most of its competition, as you must press a button to open and close it. When prompted, the buckle is stiff but begins with spring action, making the stiffness more tolerable. The most troublesome thing in this whole operation is the chest clip.

Features of the Cybex Sirona S car seat

The chest clip has a small button on the front that you must press to attach the two sides and when you want to remove it. It makes the whole process rather cumbersome, and we can see this being unpleasant with a tiny toddler in a seat.

The pull straps to tighten the harness are very long and work well. The release button is bottomless but easy to press and works smoothly.

Weight and wide

This Cybex Sirona S weighs 30 lbs in front or rear configuration. This is one of the heaviest options in the group, and we recommend it for anyone who needs to move from car to car or haul long distances frequently.

New Cybex Sirona S SensorSafe review 2023

This Cybex is 19 inches wide at its widest point. While this makes it quite large, it’s no contest for the broadest seat in our review.

This width is only an issue if you want more than one car seat or two-person seat in a row and an adult passenger between them. This may not be the best choice if you plan to use multiple.

What are the features of the Cybex Sirona S car seat?

A car seat is not just a seat. It should be safe and comfortable. The Cybex Sirona seat offers features that make it the perfect choice for your child.

The Cybex Sirona seat is a convertible car seat. You can convert from a child car seat to a full-face car seat. You can convert by flipping the knob on the side of the frame. It can also be converted into a rear-facing or front-facing infant/child car seat. Do this conversion by flipping the other knob on the side of the frame.

The Cybex Sirona S car seat also has a heart that rotates 360 degrees with one hand. It can be turned in either direction to ensure your child is always safe. It also comes with an anti-rebound rubber base. Prevents accidents by holding the seat in place even after a collision.

This convertible car seat has an easy locking bar, sensor safety device, and good protection. This feature makes this model perfect for families looking for safety as their top priority.

Sensor Safe is designed to prevent sudden movements. The Easy-Lock Bar makes it easy to install this car seat without tools. An adjustable headrest helps keep your child at their perfect height.

Here are some other features of Cybex Sirona S:

  • The road legs stabilize the car seat and can reduce rotation by up to 30% in inevitable crashes.
  • North America’s only convertible car seat with one-time vehicle belt attachment for both rear and forward modes
  • EasyLock bars reduce the force required by up to 4x for quick, simple, and secure installation.
  • The Smart Technology Harness Chest Clip with SensorSafe technology alerts parents if their child unbuckles, if the car gets too warm, or if an unsafe situation occurs.
  • 12-step reclining adjustment is possible even while using the seat
  • Linear side impact protection absorbs up to 25% more impact in a crash.
  • Anti-rebound design reduces car seat rebound movement
  • The magnetic buckle holder allows for easy access to and from the heart.
  • Dishwasher-safe cup holders can be located on either side of the seat.
  • 12-position, height-adjustable head restraints (with harness without reconnection)
  • A dual-level indicator helps ensure proper car seat angle.
  • A steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability.
  • Harness pads and 3-position padded buckles provide comfort
  • Removable newborn insert supports babies.
  • Innovative One-Pull LATCH Removal System.

  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Better crash score
  • Easy to install
  • High value
  • Heavy


What is a Cybex Sirona S car seat?

The Cybex Sirona S is a convertible car seat that can be used from newborn to 4 years old. It also has a 5-point harness system, so you can adjust it as your child grows. The Cybex Sirona S car seat is one of the safest car seats on the market and is easy to install.

How much does Cybex Sirona S cost?

Cybex Sirona is a luxurious car seat. Features include easy installation with LATCH technology. Integrated side impact protection system. It also has innovative Air Protect safety cushioning technology.

The Cybex Sirona S ranges in price from around $550, but currently, it’s available for 18% off on Amazon ($449.95).

Cybex Sirona S car seats are more expensive than most car seats. However, it not only extends life but also has additional benefits.

Will the Sirona S car seat fit my child?

The Sirona S is designed for children between 4 and 65 pounds. (1.8-29.5 kg) height 17″ -49″ (43.1-124.4 cm). Children over 65 pounds or over 49 inches tall should consider a booster seat appropriate for their weight, height, and age.

Should I buy a Cybex Sirona S car seat?

The Cybex Sirona S car seat is the best for your baby if you want a high level of protection. It would be best if you bought a Cybex Sirona S car seat.

Because they offer the best safety features in their price range, it is lightweight, easy to install, and includes a universal car base. It is also one of the most comfortable car seats on the market.

Will Sirona S fit my car?

Sirona S has been tested for a wide range of vehicles. However, due to differences in the vehicle’s make, model, and year of manufacture, we recommend you try the seat in your car at your nearest retailer. It would be best to try both rearview mode and forward view mode in different positions.

Does Sirona S have an expiration date?

You can find the manufacturing and expiration dates on a sticker on the bottom of the Sirona S. All car seats have an expiry date so that you can benefit from regulatory changes and technological improvements, primarily for child passenger safety. Sirona S is certified for ten years from the date of manufacture. We recommend contacting your local recycling center to recycle the core if your car seat has expired.

How big is the Sirona S?

The dimensional range of the Sirona S is as follows:

Rear Vertical Position: 23″H x 21.5″ W x 30″ D
Forward Vertical Position: 31″H x 19″W x 28.5″D
Useful life for 7 years


If you need a car seat for your growing baby, this review about the Cybex Sirona S car seat might be best for you. Sirona is an award-winning, high-quality car seat. It also has a side impact system. It’s tough to keep your children safe because it absorbs most of the energy in the event of an accident.

The innovative head restraints are adjustable. The lumbar support is included so your child can sit comfortably in this seat. We hope this buying guide helps you make an informed decision about whether to buy a Cybex Sirona car seat or not.

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