Do Picasso Tiles Work with Magna Tiles?

Magnetic tiles are building and construction toys for kids. They are usually available in sets of 50 to 150 plastic tiles. On the other hand, Picasso tiles are great for brain exercise in your kids.

Picasso tiles usually come with 20 to 300 pieces. Now the question is, is Picasso Tiles compatible with Magna Tiles, and what is the difference between them? Let’s find the answer below.

Do Picasso Tiles Work with Magna Tiles?

Yes, all Picasso Tiles block sets are compatible with Magna Tiles. The two sets work together, so kids will love to mix and match.

Both are made of plastic and use magnets to hold the pieces together. They also have many common shapes and share the same size standard.

Walkthrough: Magna Tiles vs. Picasso Tiles vs. Connetix Tiles

Difference Between Picasso Tiles and Magna Tiles

The main difference between Magna Tiles and Picasso Tiles is that Magna Tiles are secured with small metal rivets, whereas Picasso Tiles’ seams are secured with glue. For this reason, Magna Tiles are more durable than Picasso Tiles but are much more expensive.


One of the most obvious differences between these products is the price. Prices fluctuate, so I can’t be specific, but Magna Tiles often cost about twice the price of Picasso Tiles in similarly sized packs. If you have the budget, this is a big consideration, and you may wonder why you might want to spend twice as much when you don’t need it.

Size and shape

Kids quickly increase the number of tiles they can use at one time. We’ve found that small sets (such as 30) can be fun for toddlers, around 18 months – around 3 years old for one child. However, by 2 or 3, depending on the child, you should have around 80 to 100 pieces to build and play with without getting frustrated.

This can lead them to stop playing with the item and do something else. Magna Tiles offers a variety of architectural shapes and building options.

This can be a fun STEM option for other types of play and imagination. In addition to the number of tiles provided, the shape is another determining factor.

Almost all magnetic tile sets now come with the default. Includes large squares base plate, small squares, small equilateral triangles, right triangles, and long isosceles. So it’s also fun to add things like windows, hollow squares, gates or swinging doors, stairs, wheel chassis, arches, and more.

Durability and safety

Magna Tiles have the most solid connection. Each corner has small round metal rivets holding the plastic tiles. This means extra protection to keep the tiles from breaking and little magnets coming out.

On the other hand, Picasso tiles do not have corner metal rivets. They are still sturdy, high-quality tiles but break slightly more easily. In other words, the little magnet loosens.

If you buy this tile for a small child (under 3 years old) or still have a baby at home, you will find Magna Tiles more comfortable.

Are Picasso tiles easy to break?

Magna-Tiles are much more powerful, but Picasso Tiles are still good for general play and building.

How to clean Picasso tiles?

A damp cloth and mild soapy water are usually sufficient. You can also use baby wipes. Organic solvents should be avoided as they can damage or dissolve the plastics that make up the tile.

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