Magna Tiles vs Picasso Tiles vs Connetix Tiles 2024 Comparison

There are many brands to choose from, but if you’re deciding between Magna Tiles vs Picasso vs Connetix, this article is for you.

Here, we examine and compare the different features to give you an idea of ​​how they cope with each other. Let’s start with a quick feature comparison table of Magna Tiles vs. Picasso Tiles vs. Connetix Tiles without further ado.

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Magna Tiles v.s Picasso Tiles v.s Connetix Tiles Comparison

Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles are made from non-MABS plastics free from BPA, phthalates, latex, and other toxic substances. It also complies with all CPSIA regulations and other international safety regulations.

Magna Tiles are sealed using ultrasonic welding with rivets to provide strength and resist temperature changes and corrosion. One parent said they have been using it for nine years, counting and playing with it daily!

Magna tiles vs

Most parents are happy with the OG of Magnet Tiles as the magnets are strong enough to create various structures. However, the cross-lattice design is not easily broken and is strong enough to withstand a drop or accidental step.

The inner lattice or bracing that provides support is very evident in Magna Tiles, so the middle isn’t clear compared to Connetix.

Magna Tiles magnets are slightly smaller and thinner than Connetix magnets. On the other hand, Magna Tiles have a flat design, which helps create ramps and roads for kids. Not as scratch resistant as Connetix or Picasso.

Picasso Tiles

Picasso tiles like Magna Tiles are also made from BPA-free plastics. However, unlike Magna Tile, the parts are glued together without ultrasonic welding and riveting.

Picasso Tiles vs

This, in turn, can make the production of Picasso Tiles cheaper, but over time the material can break easily. The magnet can fall off and be picked up by an infant or crawling baby, which can be a safety hazard.

Picasso has the same lattice style design as Magna Tiles, making the plastic durable. So there is no translucent or transparent quality to make shadow or light navigation more enjoyable. It has a slightly sloping design like the Connetix.

Connetix Tiles

Connetix tiles are made of non-toxic ABS plastic that is free of BPA, lead, and phthalates and is safe for babies. Each tile is sealed using ultrasonic welding and riveted for added safety.

This will prevent the tiles from breaking easily, allowing the magnets to release. Magnets can be picked up by infants and placed in their mouths.

Connetix Tiles vs

The Connetix brand confidently asserts that tiles contain stronger magnets than most other tiles! Connetix magnets are also larger and thicker than Magna Tiles.

Connetix tiles have a bevelled design that creates beautiful, sharp refractions while keeping the material solid and scratch-resistant.

The middle is much more straightforward compared to Magna Tiles and Picasso. This translucent quality of Connetix allows more light to pass through, making exploring light and shadow with your child more fun.

Overall, Connetix seems to have a stronger magnet than the Magna tiles and Picasso brands.


We hope this blog post has given you a better idea of ​​the similarities and differences between Magna vs Picasso vs Connetix tiles, the market’s most popular magnetic tile brand.

FAQ Magna vs. Picasso vs. Connetix Tiles 

Can a two-year-old build it by himself?

Yes, definitely. However, all open toys take time to develop skills and familiarity with toys to see their limitless potential and possibilities. They start by creating simple structures, but with practice and time, they make very sophisticated creations.

From what age is magnetic tile recommended?

If your kid is over 18 months old, it is perfect for them. You may not create an elaborate structure at first, but you can explore the magnetic properties of the tiles and enjoy the colour classification.

When will my kid learn to craft something?

There is no magical age when a child learns to create instead of rest. It all depends on the exposure to the child and the child’s development stage.

At 13 months, it is normal for a child to destroy what they have built. A kid handles cause and effect and understands his role in making it possible. It’s encouraging!! It’s great for their development and helps them connect in their world.

Which magnetic tiles have car bases?

All three brands of Piccaso, Connetix, and Magna Tiles have car bases sold separately.

Which magnetic tiles have a base plate?

Connetix and Picasso have baseplates sold separately.

Are Picasso Tiles compatible with other brands?

Yes, Picasso tiles are compatible with Connetix, Magna Tiles, Playmags, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and Grow, Earth Tiles, and more.

Are Connetix tiles worth the money?

Yes, that’s right! They do not break easily and do not contain non-toxic ingredients, so you can be sure that their ingredients are safe for children.

Magnetic tiles are great open toys for your child to play with for a long time. It can last for years, so it’s worth the money!

Which brand has a stronger magnet?

Connetix has stronger and slightly larger magnets compared to Magna Tiles and Picasso.

Are Picasso tiles as good as Magna tiles?

Picasso tiles are just as attractive and colorful as Magna tiles. But when it comes to magnet strength and durability, Magna Tiles is far superior.

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